Mission: Our mission is to provide a fun event for the entire community that is family friendly and enjoyable for all ages. Our primary goal is to have fun!

Why a soapbox derby? Our community is filled with hills, and amazingly talented individuals. A Soapbox Derby is a fun event that is GREEN! It is a GRAVITY POWERED event, fueled only by the creativity and imagination of the participants.

Safety: We would like this to be an accident free and fun event. It is the responsibility of all team captains to ensure that their teams’ race in a controlled and safe manner, for the entire length of the event. If any vehicle is determined by the race staff to be unsafe, it may be disqualified from the race without refund. If any team is acting in an unsafe manner, they too may be disqualified at the discretion of the race organizers. Volunteer Medical personnel will be on duty to provide assistance if needed.

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