Remember these are intended to be Soapbox Derby CARS. Not Bicycles or Tricycles or anything that resembles this.

Any Soapbox may be sponsored. Sponsorship of a Soapbox is the responsibility of the Soapbox owner. Any Soapbox that has been sponsored must have a decal or paint scheme signifying the sponsor.

Since ramp starting will be used, you must build your Soapbox so that it conforms to the minimum and maximum dimensions. These are double elimination. All car inspected for safety. All driving positions are okay NO STANDING.

Car Length 97” maximum (8 feet 1”), Width 49” maximum (4 feet 1”), Height 48” maximum (4 feet), (Masters Weight 375 pounds Car and Driver Max), (Masters Ground clearance 1 ½” minimum).  All other cars have a 225 pound car weight. No poles, rods or other items added to the front of the car “greater than 12”. These extensions must be mechanically sound and part of the car.  These will be inspected for safety before the race (amended on May 15, 2021). 

Car weight limit: 225 pounds. If your car has batteries for lights, dry-cell batteries only. No car, motorcycle or lawnmower batteries permitted. Masters weight limit is different 375 pounds car and driver. No breakable material such as glass or porcelain.

Car steering should be limited for safety.

Car must have some form of effective braking system. Each car must have functional brakes. (No Fred Flintstone style brakes, no anchors, or parachutes) Brakes must remain functional throughout the event to prevent disqualification.

“Three and four-wheeled cars must have a cockpit and/or a discernible frame, body, or fairing that reaches outside and around the width of the seating area, and extending around at least 66% of the perimeter of the frame of the vehicle.”
“Although cars with a three wheel configuration (trikes) are allowed, “Big Wheel” or “Drift” type trikes are not allowed without extensive modifications having been made to their frames, including the attachment or installation of a external body shell in accordance with the rule above.”- Amended July 16, 2021

Cars must not be power assisted in any way. No acceleration using potential energy devices such as springs will be allowed. Kinetic energy such as the movement of the driver within the car is acceptable (e.g. rocking back and forth), as long as the driver makes no contact with the ground. The overall weight of the car cannot be changed once a race begins.

Each vehicle must be equipped with large eyebolts in the front and rear of the vehicle. These will be used to transport the vehicles back up the hill to the start of the race course. Vehicle must be constructed in a manner to allow multiple vehicles to be towed in a line (daisy chain) from these hooks.

Each car will have only One registered Driver / Race Division – Amended July 15, 2021

Designated drivers, must refrain from alcoholic beverages and drug use for the duration of their competitive efforts; subject to disqualification.

After official announcement to move to the starting line, your team crew will be responsible for getting your car and driver to the starting line at Third and Main in a timely manner. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of your race.

If a car does not show up to race, the racer receives a loss for that race.

If they choose to, the racers of each individual race may flip a coin to decide who gets to pick the lane they race in.

In the event of repairs, prior notification to a Race Official will give 10-20 minute allowance in bracket competition. Car must then be inspected for race worthiness. If there is any question about road worthiness, a road test of one run may be required.

All drivers must sign individual liability waivers. No exceptions. Age limits are from 18 years on up. 

Safety: Mandatory for Each driver to wear a helmet that is secured to their head by a strap. Full-face helmets and racing goggles are recommended. (bicycle helmet or better), closed toe shoes (no sandals or flip-flops). seatbelts and/or harnesses are recommended. Safe racing is a must: you will not be allowed to race without being properly equipped.

Failure to race in a sportsmanlike manner will result in automatic disqualification.

Mandatory Driver Meeting and Registration will take place downtown Marble Falls on First day of Race, at a time and place TBA online and via press release. There will be a racer meeting scheduled Saturday morning the day of the race for the Out-of-Town Racers.

No bright/neon Yellow/Green racing team shirts. Derby Officials should be the only team wearing bright Yellow/Green Shirts. They need to be easily recognizable for safety and organizational reasons.

MANDATORY VOLUNTEER: Each registered car MUST provide one (1) volunteer. Each volunteer is required to work a 3-hour volunteer shift. Remember that this event will not happen without volunteers and its future depends on them. Volunteers from race teams traveling from outside of the Hill Country will be scheduled to volunteer during the actual event. Teams will not be allowed to race if your volunteer is not accounted for. There will be a billboard at the event with a schedule posted. Volunteers can sign up for a volunteer task that interests them. The Downtown Soapbox Derby Organization reserves the right to modify, amend, or of entries to ensure everyone gets an equal opportunity to race and show their vehicle.

All drivers and team members must sign a liability form prior to racing. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification

Master Class Modifications:
Circumferential 84” blister or extension that or expansion that do not confirm to body lines at the largest point will not be accepted.

Downtown Soapbox Derby reserves the right to modify, amend, add, or delete any of these rules prior to the event. All participants should check the event website for any changes. Structure of the races may be altered due to either the small or large number of entries to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to race.

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